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Welcome to the Victorian Ombudsman Public Sector Education Program.

The purpose of our Office is to ensure fairness for all Victorians in their dealings with the public sector and to improve public administration.

Part of our commitment is to work constructively with Victoria's public sector to promote best practice.

We start from the premise that complaints are good - that they are free feedback, that no agency is perfect and that complaints can be a catalyst for improvements.

Good complaints management can help reduce complaints, enhance an agency's reputation and improve service standards to our community.

With our contacts from the public reaching over 40,000 in 2016-17, we have a wealth of experience, learning and materials to help public sector agencies.

Our Public Sector Education Program draws upon this experience to offer tailored learning modules for specific parts of the public sector.

Our current programs are:

  • Good complaint handling
  • Dealing with conflict of interest

In 2017-18 we will be developing:

  • Responding to challenging behaviours


Please click on the program you are interested in for more information and registration details.