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Dealing with challenging behaviour

Behaviour doesn't have to be aggressive to be challenging to deal with and make problem solving harder. This full day interactive workshop develops practical skills and strategies enabling public sector workers to identify, prevent and defuse challenging behaviour in a complaint handling context; and manage or limit service provision in response to behaviour that is unreasonable.

Participants work through a model for dealing with challenging behaviour, including considering Victoria’s human rights, equal opportunity and workplace safety laws.

Who should attend 
People who handle or manage complaints, including front line staff, team leaders and managers.

Benefits from attending
Informed by the Victorian Ombudsman’s experience, you will practise strategies to deal with behaviour ranging from challenging to unreasonable and be better able to:

• Identify the behaviour you find challenging.
• Prevent or de-escalate challenging behaviour.
• Manage behaviour where it raises health, safety, resource or equity issues, in a way that is lawful, fair and transparent.
• Deal with challenging behaviour that may be associated with a disability or mental illness.
• Respond to people who raise concerns about suicide.
• Identify strategies for self-care and care of staff.


Marita Cullen - Program Coordinator and Facilitator, Victorian Ombudsman

Jenny Jackson - Senior Program Designer, Victorian Ombudsman


Watch our animation: when handling complaints from members of the public, you may sometimes have to deal with challenging behaviour. Find out how some behaviours can be de-escalated and how other behaviours should never be tolerated.

$715 (GST inclusive). Price includes lunch.

Payment for registration is by Master Card or Visa (Terms and Conditions apply). We will email your tax receipt once we've received your payment. 

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